Our Services

Our IT services specialise in helping small financial service companies integrate new software technologies.

WEBSITE – front end for your business

This can be done easily and efficiently so your business at least has Web presence:

• build your website with a few pages to have a front end  presence.

• Register your domain in your trading business name

• Load your website onto your ISP servers

• Configure the propagation of your DNS server

WEBSITE – back end client service management

This can be done in a number of ways, we can add to your existing website or we can build from scratch tailoring the design of the website to your needs every step of the way:

• integrate a your client data base to your website with client login

• create a Client dashboard / portal

• Professional Activity section so your clients understand, what is required to maintain your professional development.

• Business Activity section so your clients understand what your business does, on a regular basis, seminars … etc etc

• Set up web links for your clients easy access to all of their portfolio of investments listed across the web

These are just a few of the services we can build for your clients, in a private environment after they log into your website. You can apply your entrepreneurial dreams of what services you wish your clients to have access to and then discuss with us. We will build it for you.  

EMAIL TEMPLATES - for your business

Create HTML professional templates with your services laid out on either side of the template with links to your website.

• Tailor Email templates with your logo and business name

• Can be launched from MS outlook directly

• Embedded as Signature Email - choose from MS outlook templates



Great for newsletter and special client broadcast from your client data base on your desktop computer.

These Emails do not require a website link to download images at the client end when received.

BEST INTEREST – affiliate program

Become an affiliate of New Wealth Solutions Pty Ltd

·        White label this service for your business

·        Collaborate with other professionals easily