Our Technology

The technologies our teams uses can vary quite a bit, depending on the sophistication and specifications of the job at hand.

Web Sites - design

When building a website from scratch, focused around your specifications of style and theme

·        HTML

·        DHTML

·        PHP

·        VBA

·        Photo Shop

·        Serif

·        Camtasia

Web Sites – engineering & design

·        Dot Net

·        ASP

·        MySQL

·        Java Script

·        J Query

Web Sites - databases

·        SQL Server 

·        Windows Server

Email templates

·        MS Outlook

·        Photoshop

Other technologies engaged for building Macro’s for Microsoft Office modules

·        Excell

·        Word

·        Power point

As you can see we are competent across a broad range of programming technologies.

We have not had a customers job yet that we could not accommodate as our skilled team has vast experience in all IT technologies.