About Us

New Wealth Solutions IT company was born out of the need for local business to keep abreast of technology in order to run business. This approach has bought many cost efficiencies to the business and increased margins of profit without compromise on the quality of client business and at the same time increased the quality of service to the client.

This approach has always allowed Mark to service his clients in all aspects of Financial Planning, producing Statements of Advice in all sectors of planning across loan services, personal insurance, SMSF Superannuation, and Investment advice. The products recommended were not limited to any confined list, so the clients enjoy uninhibited diversification across all possible asset classes.

Through the development of desktop & cloud software over the years, we put a focus on “client first” financial software development. We build software from your client’s perspective with you being the center of their financial and holistic life. This then places you as their adviser where true planning begins making decisions together with the right tools in their best interest !

We hope you enjoy some of our software solutions we have engineered and with ongoing development, we can tailor a solution for your Business.