Best Interest - affiliate

Our Best Interest – affiliate service can be introduced by the following diagram. It provides a snap shot of how your business can benefit by integrating the service into your practice management. Collaborating with other professionals to providing valuable feedback on your clients family planning. You will be empowered to manage your business and your clients financial affairs with consummate ease.

Best Interest – affiliate service: 

Your professional status will define where our service can be of value to your practice, refer to drop down list of professions and view the tables created for each profession.

WHITE LABEL service:

New Wealth Solutions can white label the Best Interest - affiliate service in several different ways, the client subscription page will be populated with your company name and logo.

Existing Website:

·        Weblink from your website to client subscription page

No Website, no problem:

·        We provide dedicate Weblink (URL) you can add to favourites in your web browser, to access client subscription page

Your client will always recognise your business as the provider of this powerful financial service.

Client login credentials are only available to you the affiliate, so your client is always directed back to you, if any issues like forgotten passwords are required.


Think of the Best Interest – service as a powerful financial tool that your business can educate and communicate with your clients in an easy to understand online format. Both of you can always have access to what matters, the after tax, families cash flow position of any planning strategy. It will not matter whether your client or your business is trying to implement the strategy, both of you will see the online calculated result and then informed decisions can be made in the best interest of all parties.  


Many professional practices collaborate with other professional practices to seek out best interest solutions for the common client of the parties. Seamless integration between offices is now possible with the Best Interest service.

With the clients consent, the Best Interest affiliate can assign an Associate business then check box that client to the associate. Your associate now can instantly see the clients set of financials, this process is extremely time efficient of all involved. By viewing the Summarised financial reports the associate and the affiliate can quickly come to the best interest solution for the client. Notes for the client can be left to review when they login next with your follow up soon after.

This is 21st century customer centricity!