Client Dashboard

WEBSITE – Client Dashboard

This can be done in a number of ways, we can add to your existing website or we can build from scratch tailoring the design of the website to your needs every step of the way:

  create a back end client data base for your website with client  login

  prepare a client dashboard / portal

from this dashboard your clients will have the choice, depending on what web based modules, you wish clients to see.

Sample of Modules, we provide some ideas here of what is possible:


We have found that many professionals do not market to their clients what is required in order to provide and maintain them with best practice service according to your professional body. Many clients are unaware of what professional development is required each year to sustain your professional status in accordance with your professional body standards.  

Many practices just hang their professional qualifications on the board room walls and clients may gaze at them whilst they are being seated but never really understand the time and energy required each year.

We can build for you a link off the dashboard to a section that is like an activity section of your professional activities so all clients can see at their leisure how you dedicate unpaid time to maintain your professionalism.

·  Professional Activity section so your clients understand, what is  
required to maintain your professional development.

·  Business Activity section so your clients understand what your
business does, on a regular basis, seminars … etc etc

·    Launching new recommended investment Products

· Launching new special features of an upgraded insurance product


This Module is excellent for financial planners and any professional who wishes to work with their clients and provide up to date information on any relevant security or Insurance product in a client’s portfolio.

·        Set up web links for your clients easy access to all of their
portfolio of managed investments listed across the web.

·        Links to all ASX listed investment in clients portfolio

·        Links to all Insurance company product information

·        Link to any professional organisation in managing what you have provided to the client

·        Research reports

·        Taxation determinations (ATO)

·        Self-managed super trustee compliance links (ATO)