Client Engagement

Client Engagement:

Once you have secured our service for your client. We will provide you with a unique username and password for each of your clients that you wish to prepare an advice document for.

Our Para Planning service empowers you to better service & engage your clients.

The diagram below provides a snap shot of how your business can benefit by integrating the service into your practice management processes.

Data Gathering:

This username & password would be provided to your client and they can update their financial details online.

This of course could be done in many ways:

·        Meeting with you in office

·        Client can complete in their own time

·        Online skype meeting

·        With your IPad in front of client

·        Your appointed staff can follow up with client

·        Using any online meeting services

·        Conference call

·        On telephone

You can also provide client data the old way:

·        Email your scanned fact finder

·        Fax your AFSL fact finder to us

·        Send in the snail mail

However it is completed, once done, we can get to work. Our system has an area to provide notes where you give your instructions on what you wish us to include in the advice document.

·        Strategy instructions

·        Projection instructions

·        Financial calculations

Para Planning – online service: 

Professional Collaboration:

Collaborating with other professionals is an important part of servicing your client’s full financial needs. If required your office can collaborate with your professional associates and work on the client’s financial needs with consummate ease.

Many professional practices collaborate with other professional practices to seek out best interest solutions for their common clients. Seamless communication between offices is now possible with our para planning service.

Para Planning service:

New Wealth Solutions brings to the table an online interactive, stream lined service that keeps you, your referrers, your client and your staff online.