Document Management

WEBSITE – document management

Having a document management, web based service for your clients provides many efficiencies for your business, no matter what profession you operate in. The saving on paper usage will help save many hundreds of dollars spent on stationary each year not to mention, save many trees form being chopped down.

Our document management system operates like Windows explorer with excellent search functionality at the client level and the company level.

Here are just a few examples of each profession and how the web based document management service might help make your office more efficient and save thousands of dollars in processing time for your staff.


·        Deliver statements of advice and all supporting Documents to your clients via download direct to their private computer where ever they are.


·        Deliver EoY financials via direct client download in PDF 


·        Deliver contracts privately without fearing copies left on Email servers around the country.


·        Deliver loan contracts via direct download to your client through a secure client login and password.

AFSL - Holder

·        Have all Authorised representatives deliver all the documents required for a compliance check on your own dedicated server where they remain in your control at all times.

More efficiencies brought about by having your own corporate document download service for your clients. 

·        No printing of expensive reams of paper

·        Cut back on staff time to print such documents and bind them

·        Savings on postage

·        Client can receive completed documents in minutes

·        Many times client only needs to print signature pages

·        Client scans and returns signature pages

·        Client posts back signed pages

·        One document can be made available to many clients

·        Client can upload documents if required, save more postage

The list goes on; we leave the rest of the savings to be discovered by you for your business.


We are cognisant of some legal issues with respect to offering digital documents online for some professions but many of these issues are being resolved with different technologies depending on what is required. This can be discussed prior to development, usually a large part of the expense due to document processing can be administered in some fashion and still comply with the relevant laws.