Para Planning

Para planning is fast becoming the centre point of many professional and well run financial practices around the country, servicing their clients in efficient and effective ways.

Our "Paraplanning”– service, focuses on the efficient preparation and production of your clients Statement of Advice.

We have several levels of service depending on weather you want a completed Statement of Advice using your templates 

--- or --- 

we prepare the financial tables, so your office can populate your own SoA templates in your own office, with your own staff.

From our point of view it does not matter, we can easily accommodate using your SOA template or we can provide you with the calculated projection or strategies in excel file with multiple sheets.

Why you will benefit in using our purpose built proprietary online service.

Short list of features which apply to all our services:

·        Your office can securely access your clients financial data

·        5 to 40 years projections

·        Table & chart views                               (online or excel)

·        Scenarios saved online                           (great for your review)

·        Downloads available into Excel               (great for your review)

·        Online review available ?                        (great for your review prior to SoA)       

Below we present a short list of what we can provide, depending on your clients needs.

SUPERANNUATION - accumulation:

Projections can be applied to client, partner or both as types of ownership:

·        Superannuation balances

·        Including salary sacrifice

·        Insurances

·        Tax year by year  0 – 15%

·        Fees

SUPERANNUATION - retirement:

Projections can be applied to client, partner or both as types of ownership: 

·        Super Accounts                                    (9 different parameters)

·        Non Super Accounts                             (All other assets)

·        Debt Accounts

All these are calculated year by year and editable with different variables to calculate various scenarios providing a net position year by year.

Our Para planning service will empower your business to become the focal point of your clients future wealth aspirations.