Social Media

The financial services industry in Australia has endured many changes in the last few years, the one that is dominating us all is Social media, at a business level and more importantly at your clients level.

Bridge the gap between you and your clients service. The social media phenomena are demanding of all business's to interact on line. Service your clients / prospects on line, with our cloud based "fact finder to Statement of Advice" white label service.

Your clients are learning new ways of communication through Social media:

·        face book,

·        twitter,

·        Googling,

·        You tube,

·        web browsing,

·        Google +   (circle, stream, hangouts .. etc etc)

Cloud computing & home networking is providing even easier accessibility to these services through the explosion in usage of:

·        Ipads,

·        Iphones,

·        Androids,

·        Laptops,

·        Notebooks,

·        Smart TV’s  …etc etc

are all contributing to the fact, that each practice needs to review how they are positioned in this fast moving world of technological change.

The crucial implication of this for your business is your financial practice must continually review your market position in this revolutionary environment.

Your clients are being educated at the greatest rate in history about all matters financial on the internet. It’s best to be seen as an innovative company endeavouring to provide best practice for your clients, if you are to remain competitive and of value to your clients.

Focusing your business on “Customer centricity” is crucial for your business to be seen by your clients as valuable service worth paying for.

Take a serious look at some of the web technologies we can provide for you and take a special look at our Para planning service. This service will compliment your existing processes and build client engagement into your value proposition. Our online service lays the foundation for the preparation of the Statement of Advice to be completed by our highly skilled team.