Strategic Advice

Strategic Advice is fast becoming the focal point of many financial practices around the country, servicing their clients in ways that do not involve financial products.

Our "Para Planning” - service focuses on this very specialised sector of the financial services industry.

Covering off on:

·        Net income & Expense forecaster           (My CPI forecast !)

·        Salary Sacrifice                                     (including Caps & Tax)

·        Transition to Retirement

·        Super Consolidator                               (Fees & Insurance)

·        Retirement Forecast                              (9 different parameters)

·        Mortgage Consolidator

·        Mortgage manager                                (client)

·        Asset Register                                      (divorce & Estates- Legal)

·        Centrelink age pension  (asset & Income test) 

All calculators can be applied to the ownership:

·        Client

·        Partner

·        Joint

·        ALL = household  

Short list of features which apply to all calculations:

·        5 to 40 years projections

·        Table & chart views

·        Scenarios saved online                           (great for planner to review)

·        Downloads available                              (Statement of Advice)

With many more features available, call to discuss your needs.

Our para planning service will empower your business to become the focal point of your clients future wealth aspirations.