Web Content control

New Wealth Solutions can build and integrate a back end Module that allows you as the owner to dynamically update the content of your web pages:

·        Copy and paste text from MS word

·        Upload images to display in your web page instantly

·  Set up users to access with own login and password (outsourcing)

·        Create and manage Web page drop downs menus

·        Manage web links between your content pages

This module allows you to update tired content and keep your pages current with information that is relative to your client’s needs all the time.

Controlling the content and timing of when you can change pages on your website allows your business to bring the website into being a large focal point of your practice client service. You will never have to go through the process of waiting for an IT programmer to upload your pages again, this all can be done from the comfort of your own office, by your staff, with a few MS word skills.


Dynamically changing pages on a frequent basis gives your web site a better chance of ranking higher when it comes to Google searches as Google monitors how long since a page has changed it’s content , ranking pages that change frequently, higher, than pages that do not update content.