Web Design

WEBSITE – front end for your business

This can be done easily and efficiently so your business at least has Web presence:

  build your website with a few pages to have a web presence.

     Register a domain in your trading business name ?

     Configure your DNS server

     Configure the propagation of your DNS server

     Load your website onto your ISP servers

Building a simple front end website is fairly straight forward, we can prepare a quote for you.

We need some feed back on a few things to get started:

     Style of the website,

     Any particular theme with respect to pages  

     look and feel you require

  If required we can tailor to your business stationary with logos and colouring giving a streamlined corporate feel for your clients  

We suggest a good way to convey this information is to provide us with some weblinks of sites you like.

This can be the start of discussion points and gives our engineers the best opportunity to start designing the pages and getting the cosmetics right for you.

Early in the development of your website we provide you access to view the site with your own website link, We will upload the site as we complete sections, similar to the way a building would be built and you inspecting the progress from time to time. This way you have the choice of confirming with our team your satisfaction of how we are building your website.  

Gives you the opportunity to let us know if we are not building pages the way you wish. This process saves you frustration and us time, in discovering your issues ASAP.